Chloe works with two of my children

By 7th March 2022 No Comments

Chloe works with two of my children.  Chloe was a god send to my eldest daughter and her 11plus maths!  In Flora’s own words, “Chloe teaches me maths, she doesn’t just tell me about maths.”  Flora’s confidence is maths has soared and even with the 11plus over, Flora wanted to keep on seeing Chloe to help her grow in her learning and love of maths.

My second daughter, Violet is highly dyslexic and knowing that Chloe was a SEN teacher, I asked Chloe if she would help Violet with her maths.  When Violet finished her first session with Chloe, Violet skipped out of Chloe’s house stating that she had loved her hour session.  This was music to my ears and brought tears to my eyes as very, very rarely do I hear these words come from Violet’s mouth in regard to her learning.

~Sophie, Chelsea