UCS Pre-Prep School

  • Ages: 4 – 7 years
  • Fees: £5,607 per term

UCS Pre Prep is aligned to University College School and used to be known as the The Phoenix School. Although it is not a ‘hot-house’ environment there is a strong academic focus. UCS is one of the top boys senior schools in London with 70% of children getting the top grades of A*-A at A level and 15% attending Oxford and Cambridge at university level in 2017 as well as many top US universities. UCS Pre Prep was originally a co-ed pre-prep starting at nursery, however it has recently become an all boys schools starting from Reception. The school is housed in a large house, opposite South Hampstead High with a small but well designed play area. The inside of the school is beautifully designed and decorated with colourful and inspiring displays and art-work. Despite its relatively small size, there is a dedicated art and science room, ICT and indoor PE space. The school prides itself on itself creativity and individuality alongside a strong academic record. The headmistress emphasizes there is no ‘one type’ of boy that comes out of UCS but a huge range of personalities and talents. The school provides a very broad curriculum and this is especially evident in the Prep school building. Boys busily participate in excellent art, drama, music and sport provision with high standards across the board. Both heads are sympathetic and approachable figures and they have managed to keep a warm and nurturing boys school environments. There are two main entry points into UCS; at 4+ into reception and 7+ into the prep school. The assessments into the Pre-Prep are split into two separate days of hour-long group activities within the schools early years classroom. The school is not looking for tutored existing knowledge but a curiosity and interest in learning and participating in activities as well as a resilience and ability to pick up new ideas. All boys in the Pre prep area assessed for entrance in to the prep at 7+ with a focus on English and Maths and most children get a place( at present about more then half the places go to UCS Pre prep boys.) The school benefits from the funding and facilities of the UCS foundations. Children also have use of UCS swimming pool, ICT suite, and theatre. There are specialist teachers in music, art and PE and before and after school clubs including ballet, yoga, taekwondo, mandarin and art.


Address: 36 College Crescent, NW3 5LF

Phone number: 020 7722 4433

Website: www.ucs.org.uk