Lady Eleanor Holles School

  • Ages: 4 – 18 years
  • Fees: £5,743 – £6,934 per term
  • GCSE: A*-A 90%
  • A Level: A*-A 76%

After extensively exploring a plethora of London Day Schools, Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) emerges as the elusive “unicorn” school you thought only existed in dreams. LEH boasts a rare combination of qualities that set it apart from the rest. From its Head’s description of “embarrassingly spectacular facilities” to its excellent academic achievements without undue pressure, LEH offers a truly remarkable educational experience.

One of the school’s most impressive facets is its commitment to diversity, drawing in girls from various cultural backgrounds and social strata. With single-sex education complemented by the advantages of a co-educational setting, LEH creates a harmonious and inclusive environment for its students. Adding to this unique blend, the proximity of Hampton School for boys in the next-door building fosters collaborative opportunities. The two Heads work closely together, promoting joint endeavors in music, choirs, charitable initiatives, and career services, enriching the students’ learning journey.

As expected, securing a place at LEH is a highly competitive process, with approximately 400 applicants vying for around 70/80 spots at the 11+ level. An additional 35/40 places are reserved for girls advancing from the Junior School, resulting in a balanced intake of students from both state and private educational backgrounds.

The entrance exam at 11+ encompasses Maths, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning, while a personal interview also plays a significant role in the selection process.

In conclusion, Lady Eleanor Holles School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering a myriad of opportunities within its nurturing and diverse community


Address: Hanworth Road, Hampton Middlesex, TW12 3HF

Phone number: 0208 979 1601