Falkner House Boys School

  • Ages: 4-11 (currently only 4-9) years
  • Fees: £6,920 per term

Falkner House is a new and highly regarded pre-preparatory school, for boys aged from 4 to 11. The boys schools opened in September 2017 and is located just south of Earl’s Court station and only a 10 minute walk from Brechin Place. It is a large 19th century building with space for a reasonably sized playground at the back. The school will prepare boys for 7+, 8+ (if they feel the boys are ready) and 11+ examinations which is a rarity in London Pre Prep schools and will allow boys a number of exit points. The school offers high quality education, an excellent teaching, highly-focused classes and the headmistress aims to produce confident, independent boys. Classes are on the larger size with an average of 22 boys. There is also an emphasis placed on camaraderie, good manners and kindness. This is a small, family run school much like Falkner House Girls and is run by the current headmistress’ daughter, Mrs. Eleanor Dixon. Although the boys school is only opened in September 2017 it is set to be highly successful going on the exceptional record of its sister school Falkner House Girls. Most girls historically go onto top girls’ schools; St Pauls, Godolphin and Latymer as well as top boarding schools, Wycombe Abbey, St Mary Ascot and Downe House. Pupils may be registered for entry any time after birth and the school assesses for entrance at 3+ and 4+.


Address: 20 Penywern Road, SW5

Phone number: 0207 373 4501

Website: www.falknerhouse.co.uk