Little Forest Folk Nursery Chiswick

  • Ages: 2 – 5 years
  • Price Sessional: £76 a day
  • Full day: £86 a day
  • Timings: 7:45-16:00; 7:45-18:00

This is London’s first full-time (8am-6pm) forest nursery. The registered premises for the nursery is the Hogarth Centre on Duke Street, but the only ‘classroom’ is Chiswick House and Gardens, where 30 children in all-weather gear explore, build, read, climb, eat and learn. There is a high staffing ratio (1:4 adult-child) with many male members of staff which is often sadly a rarity on the London nursery scene. The outdoor learning philosophy is captured by owners as ‘we wanted our children to learn how the world works through experiences rather than books’. The waiting list is 170 deep (one in eight places for underprivileged children) so early registration is advised. The children start the day at the Piccolo Play Centre with breakfast then go onto Chiswick House and Gardens or Kew Gardens. Activities can range from treasure hunts, climbing trees, building dens and creative play to reading stories, mark making and mathematics (counting leaves, acorns, feathers, dividing, sharing, combining) in the forest. Children can choose to attend a full day (7:45-18:00) or sessional days running from 7:45-16:00. In the late afternoon children return to Piccolo Play Centre to reflect on day and wait to be picked up. To secure a place parents have to pay a £25 deposit at the time of joining the waiting list and a enrolment fee of £150 is required upon registration. The nursery also runs holiday camps during the school holidays


Address: Picolo Play Centre, Duke Road, London, W4 2JR

Phone number: 07707 545 913